If the Sky is Falling - cover


It’s been a hot minute.  We’ve been in hiding.  Life has happened.  And now, we turn it over to you . . .

Beggars’ Caravan is proud to present our latest offering – 11 tracks of musical honesty, made solely for your enjoyment.  If the Sky is Falling arrives as the output of a few years of touring, writing, bonding, and letting go.  We wanted this record to be indicative of our stage vibe and our unique contributions to the band.  The entirety of it was recorded in a bedroom at home, and we once again leaned on our trusted compatriot Ian Schreier to mix and master it.  We’re so thankful to everyone who has made music possible in our lives, and our only goal is to give some of that back to the world with each tune.

We hope each of these tracks mean something different to each of you and that you find your own emotional outlet there.  Enjoy:


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With all our love,

Beggars’ Caravan