Singer/songwriter Chris Barkley and guitarist/songwriter Kevin Thornton began their sorted collaborations during their college years at Appalachian State in Boone, NC, both already drawing on professional training on various instruments as well as performing both nationally and internationally. The pair soon rounded up seasoned local talent and well-respected session keyboardist Jay Shirley along with the accomplished duo of Brandon Allen on drums/percussion and Paul Benner on bass guitar. Brandon’s extensive experience and unique rhythmic playing style naturally intertwines with Paul’s keen sense of grove establishing a mighty foundation to the smooth vocals and bright, complex leads and riffs that define the Caravan sound. In 2007, together with Grammy-nominated producer Ian Schreier, the band recorded and released their first studio album Take Me With You. Several tracks, including the single “It Is What It Is”, were featured on both terrestrial and Sirius XM Radio. The years to follow would bring an extensive tour schedule and the extraordinary honor to feature as the house band for a 2010 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame event where they performed alongside band members of Traffic, Yes, Queen, and The Revolution. Continuing to introspectively dig in their own dirt, the band entirely self-produced their newest record not only in an effort to create a more rootsy sophomore release, but to challenge themselves to move the wheels forward while accommodating respective jobs and growing families. Amid the chaos, If the Sky is Falling finds the band performing at a creative peak- with truly unforgettable melodies and inspired lyrics that brings the musical prowess of its members to the forefront. The album instantly captures the listener and carries you along life’s familiar roads. Enjoy the ride, and these tracks might just get you right with yourself.